By : Lerin K S

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This indicator is more suitable for cryptocurrency trading. It only works on the 5-minute chart. Candle color represents the main trend. The yellow candle is for the entry and the blue candle is for the exit. Target and stop-loss can be adjusted from the indicator settings. Signal confirmation is based on once per bar close. This indicator fully covers the robot trading setup. Robot trading can be done with a single alarm setting with the help of Nextlevelbot API Bridge.

Ak strategy


By : Aakash Parikh

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Hi friends ..this is ak strategy For Banknifty,Gold ,silver,crude and naturalgas is combo package of cost of 5 strategy is 1500rs per is strategy so it is backtested no hidden loss and drowdown and brokerage like indicators is purly intraday strategy it closes all trade AT 3 PM for banknifty and at 11pm for no position will be carry forwd..go to this video link: .....

Crazy_Bull [V2]


By : Kavi Sharma

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Indicator will be free for life time if your Demat account mapped under Explosive Trades youtube channel and Indicator Base on multi Indicator Combination Awesome_Oscillator, Super_Trend, VWAP , MACD etc ... there are many indicators you can combine and get alerts according Your select indicator by default Awesome_Oscillator and Super_Trend You can also change.

Youtube TradingView



By : Lerin K S

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This indicator is made exclusively for Bank Nifty for intraday trading. It shows more profitability on the 5 minute chart. One week demo in the live market with fully auto trading setup..

TheQuantBot: High Probability Dynamic Target 3.0


By : TheQuantBot

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High probability trades with dynamic profit target 3.0. For demo contact in the given number.



By : Aakash Parikh

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Hi friends....publishing Heikin ashi supertrend strategy.. Main problem in indicator it doesnt show we cant know drowdown and its wrost perfomance..SO WE LOOSE OUR HARD EARN thats why i prefer strategy.. HA charts are a great way to help those who can be spooked by the chaos of the markets (I'm one!), but they have a big drawback in that the price you see on a HA candle is often significantly different from the real price that you would trade on. This brings issues of unrealistic expectations of profits/losses, and also makes back testing a strategy very difficult. I still wouldn't recommend ever using TradingView's "strategy" tool when using HA charts, but using this indicator you can do accurate back tests...******This uses Heikin Ashi Candles as source on normal chart..dont use it on heikin ashi chart*** BCS heikin ashin chart doesnt show real price..thats why use it on candle chart.. There is an option for use normal japanes candle we can compare how this heikin ashi prevent false trades. in screenshot shows banknifty trade profit in 5 min applying this indicator u can also backtest it on ur script and according to this u change settings..and u can get it 7 days trial at 200rs..

Super Scalper with Buy Sell signal



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This is the first version of super scalping Buy and Sell Indicator for scalping. This is combination of Multi EMA's , MACDs & RSI. How to trade : use any timeframe and any candlestick when signal generated wait for the candle to close and then take trade. Signal appeared on candle based on some calculation so wait for full candle to formed and once candle close then go for trade. You can set your Take Profit target also in the indicator and when your target achieved it will appeared as LongTP for Buy trade profit and ShortTP for sell trade profit. Buy symbol paints below the candle and sell symbol paints above the candle.Buy and Sell Alerts are added for this indicator. This can be used with algo to ease the trading. Always start with small target and then go for big one by trailing your profit. This is not Holi grail indicator which always gives profit but if use this indicator with consistency your portfolio will give good return. Use proper money management for any trade. Go for paper trade and observ how indicator behave and once satisfied then take real trade.

Youtube TradingView



By : Ankit Garg

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Dynamic is a momentum based swing trading system designed for Nifty and BankNifty. It is suggested to be traded on 30Mins chart on Nifty and 60Min Chart on BankNifty. It can also be used on 5Min for Nifty and 15Min for BankNifty. Visit website for Backtest Performance and Live performance.

BankNifty AutoTrading Indicator


By : Mohamed Muzamil

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This indicator for BankNifty INTRADAY trading is based on Market Internals - Advance/Decline Volume and TICK These Market Internals, also known as Breadth Tools helps in identifying the overall market sentiment. In a nutshell, THIS TOOL PROVIDES BUY/SELL INDICATIONS on the BANKNIFTY based on the underlying stocks' PRICE AND VOLUME. This needs to be used on BankNifty 15 mins chart. Highly Profitable strategy.

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